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Head: Anna Tramontano
Professor of Biochemistry
"Sapienza" University
Department of Physics
P.le A. Moro, 5 - 00185 Rome (I)
Tel: +39 06 49910556 or +39 06 49914550
email: anna(dot)tramontano(at)uniroma1(dot)it


Recent news

Symposium in memory of Professor Anna Tramontano - July 14, 2017

symposiumAnna cut



 We have organized CASP12  at Hotel Serapo in Gaeta (Italy) in December 2016

L'Italia investe pochissimo in ricerca. Gli scienziati invitano l'Unione Europea a fare pressione sul Governo Italiano perché finanzi adeguatamente la ricerca in Italia e porti i fondi per la ricerca a un livello superiore a quello della pura sussistenza.

Firma la petizione "Salviamo la ricerca italiana" 

 Petition to protect EU science budget

 Several Member States are demanding severe cuts on the total EU budget and research will have to compete with other policy priorities.

An online petition has been launched: 

 We have organized CASP10  at Hotel Serapo in Gaeta (Italy) on December 9-12, 2012

KAUST Workshop on quantitative biology: a matter of perspective, Rome June 22-24 2011

Anna Tramontano was nominated member of the scientific council of ERC

We have co-organized the Critical Assessment for Protein Structure Prediction (CASP9) experiment.

Anna Tramontano won the Tartufari prize 2010 of the Accademia dei Lincei

We organized the Critical Assessment for Protein Structure Prediction (CASP8) meeting in Sardinia.

Anna Tramontano was awarded the KAUST GRP (Global Research Partnership) Investigator grant for a project on the computational analysis of the human genome.

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The computational biology laboratory of the Sapienza University in Rome is a multidisciplinary Unit established in 2001 composed by physicists, computer scientists, engineers, chemists, pharmaceutical chemists, biotechnologists and biologists. The head of the group, Anna Tramontano, has been working in the area of computational biology and bioinformatics (ante literam) since 1980 in the USA and Europe, in both academic and industrial setups.

Our group research activities are devoted to the computational analysis of biological data, to the development and improvement of methods for the analysis of genomes and proteomes and to the applications of methods to problems of biomedical interest. The group is involved in many world-wide initiatives aimed at analysing post-genomic biological data in order to improve our understanding of life at a molecular level.

Our recent research interests can be divided, with some overlap, into two main directions: development and/or improvements of computational biology methods and their application to the study of problems of biomedical interest.

Other relevant activities of the group concern the organization of the world-wide CASP (Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction) experiment and the participation to the Italian Epigenomics Flagship Project, where we are co-coordinating the Bioinformatics efforts.

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