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Edoardo Milanetti



   Name  Edoardo Milanetti
   Address 63, Via A. Manzoni, 00010, Guidonia Montecelio, Italy
   Telephone +393396094074
   E-mail edoardo(dot)milanetti(at)gmail(dot)com
   Nationality Italian
   Date of birth     28, July, 1987






November 2015


Postdoctoral fellow in Biophysics, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology


Department of Physics, University "Sapienza" of Rome, P.le Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Rome - Italy
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Study of the protein thermodynamic stability. Analysis of the evolution of side chains arrangements in molecular dynamics simulations performed at different temperatures.

Molecular Dynamics simulations and structural studies of antibodies in their Apo and Holo conformations in order to understand the molecular details of antibodies effector function.

Master thesis tutor of physics students. Eugenio Gagliardi: "development of a new computational method able to identify intramolecular interactions in a coarse grained protein model". Pietro Corsi : " Study of the relationship between the en- ergy in protein interaction networks and their thermostability". 







November 2012 - October 2015.

   Title of qualification ...awarded                                                            

PhD in Life Science and Bioinformatics, classification: Excellent


"La Sapienza" Univerity of Rome, Italy.


"Mapping the hydropathy of amino acids and drugs based on their solvation structure"


Anna Tramontano, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Rome "La Sapienza"


   Practical training

Development of a method, in collaboration with the Giovanni Ciccotti group, for the study of chemical and physical characteristics of a compound from a computation point of view.

Study of hydropathy characteristics of twenty natural amino acids through statistical analysis of hydration structure by performing molecular dynamics simulations and prediction study of transmembrane regions.

Prediction model for experimental permeability data (Caco-2). Study, at atomic level, of the electric charge distribution, in the chemical structure of drug, in order to improve the prediction quality of the permeation ability and to better understand passive transport mechanisms.


   Dates (from-to)

October 2006 - October 2012.

   Title of qualification               ...awarded                                                          

Laurea in Physics (Biosystems), grade: 110/110


"La Sapienza" Univerity of Rome, Italy.


"Analysis of the moonlight type behavior of the CYFIP1 protein through molecular dynamics studies of the dimer CYFIP1-NCK1: importance to autism and schizophrenia"


Anna Tramontano, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Rome "La Sapienza"


   Practical training

From February 2011 to October 1012, reseacher in the laboratory of the Biocomputing group of the Prof. Anna Tramontano, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Rome "La Sapienza".

Study of conformational change in the protein CYFIP1 through classical molecular dynamics simulation. The protein is of special biological interest because it is involved in the CYFIP1-NCK1 complex: relevance to autism and schizophrenia.  Analysis of the intramolecular interaction  networks  during the evolution of the system and deepening of docking techniques.




   Operating systems  

Linux, OSX , Windows

   Informatics tools

Latex, Ms Office Package, Open Office, Adobe Acrobat.

   Software development

Programming languages: C, Fortran90 and R.

   Structual biology

 VMD, Chimera, PYMOL

   Statistical analysis


   Molecular dynamics

 Namd and Gromacs



1) S. Bonella*, D. Raimondo*, E. Milanetti*, A. Tramontano and G. Ciccotti. Mapping the hydropathy of amino acids based on their local solvation structure. Jornal of Physical Chemistry B, 2014 Jun 19.

 2) E. Milanetti, D. Raimondo and A. Tramontano. Prediction of the permeability of neutral drugs inferred from their solvation properties. Bioinformatics, 2015 Dec 10.

3) Leopizzi M, Cocchiola R, Milanetti E, Raimondo D, Politi L, Giordano C, Scandurra R, Scotto d'Abusco A. IKKα inibition by a glucosamine derivative enhances Maspin expression in osteosarcoma cell line

4) Di Rienzo L*, Milanetti E*, Lepore R, Olimpieri PP, Tramontano A. Superposition-free comparison and clustering of antibody binding sites: implications for the prediction of the nature of their antigen

These authors contributed equally to the work 





Organizing Committee: 6th BeMM - Biology and Molecular Medicine PhD Symposium November 30th, 2015 Rome (IT), Policlinico Umberto I of Rome.

Poster Presentation: BITS - Conference of the Italian Society of Bioinformatics February 26th-28th 2014 Rome (IT), “Sapienza” University of Rome, Department of Physics.

Seminar: "Molecular Dynamics simulations and its applications" . June 9th 2014 Rome (IT) , “Sapienza” University of Rome, Department of Chemistry.

Workshops: "Physics of biomolecules: structure, dynamics and function" − February 3th-6th 2016 Bressanone (IT), University of Padova.
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