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Francesco Ambrosetti CV

Personal data

ADDRESS: C.da Amasona n°1, Paliano (FR), 03018, Italy
PHONE: +39 393 3853999
LINKEDIN: Francesco Ambrosetti
BIRTH DATE: 03/06/1992

Working experiences

Oct 2016-present PhD in Life Sciences, Department of Physics, University of  Rome “La Sapienza”
Prof. Anna Tramontano;
Dr. Pier Paolo Olimpieri;
Prediction of antibody affinity, a network approach
June 2015-Sept 2016

Trainee, Department of Physics, University of Rome “La  Sapienza”
Prof. Anna Tramontano;
Relevance of interaction prediction in antibody-antigen molecular docking

Mar 2014-Set 2014

Trainee, Department of Molecular Medicine, University of Rome  “La Sapienza”
Prof. Giovanni Bernardini;
Transcriptional and protein analysis of CXCL10 production by synovial cellular infiltrate of an osteoarthritis murine model


Ott 2016 Master’s degree in Medical Biotechnology - 110/110 cum laude University of Rome “La Sapienza”

Oct 2014 Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology - 107/110 University of Rome “La Sapienza”

June 2011 High School Scientific Diploma ITIS Stanislao Cannizzaro, Colleferro (RM), Italy


Mother tongue: Italian

Other language: English

Listening Reading

Spoken interaction

Spoken production
C1 C1 C1 C1 C1

Computer skills

- Programming languages: R, Perl, Python
- Software: Pymol, VMD, Haddock, NAMD, Microsoft Office
- Operating system: OS X, Linux, Windows

Statistical skills Data analysis, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), linear regression models, basic knowledge of machine learning techniques
Laboratory techniques Real Time PCR, ELISA assay
Other skills Protein-protein docking, graph theory, antibody structure, structural basis of antibody-antigen recognition
Organizational skills

Great organizational and problem solving skills acquired during the Bachelor and Master’s degree and while developing my PhD research project

Additional information

Other activities Participation in the project "International Club” carried out in English during the high school period and based on the online collaboration between students from different countries.

Interests Sport, science and technology