Anna Tramontano was trained as a physicist but she soon became fascinated by the complexity of biology and by the promises of computational biology. After a post-doctoral period at UCSF, she joined the Biocomputing Programme of the EMBL in Heidelberg. In 1990 she moved back to Italy to work in the Merck Research Laboratories near Rome. In 2001, she returned to the academic world as a Chair Professor of Biochemistry in "La Sapienza" University in Rome where she continues to pursue her scientific interests on protein structure prediction and analysis in the Department of Physics. She is a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization, the Scientific Council of Institute Pasteur - Fondazione Cenci Bolognetti, and the organizing Committee of the Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction (CASP) initiative.She is also a member of the Advisory Board of the SIB in Basel, of the CRG in Barcelona, of the CNB in Madrid, of the MPI for Molecular Genetics in Berlin, of the IIMCB in Warsaw and has been a member of the EMBL Scientific Adivsory Committee, of the EBI Advisory Committee and of the ERC Scientific Council. She is Associate Editor of Bioinformatics, Proteins, BBRC and Current Opinion in Structural Biology.

She was awarded the prize for Natural Sciences of the Italian Government, the “Marotta Prize” of the Italian National Academy of Science and the Minerva Prize for Scientific Research, the KAUST Investigator Award and  has published four books (Bioinformatica - Zanichelli; The ten most wanted solutions in Protein Bioinformatics - CRC Press; Protein Structure Prediction - Wiley; Introduction to Bioinformatics - CRC Press).

She has been vice President  of the International Society for Computational Biology (about 1500 members) and part of the steering committee of the  European networks, BioSapiens and Elixir. She is presently the chair of the Steering Committee of the European Conference in Computational Biology.

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